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About Queens Circle360

The mission of Queens Circle 360 is to help women, achieve their goals and aspirations with Love, Respect, Honor and Dignity. Queens Circle360 facilitates business/ life optimization through knowledge of self and brand development.


Queens Circle360 is also a membership of resources for mind, body and soul wellness.


About our Founder and CEO

Lahteefah ParraMoore, Founder and CEO of Queens Circle360, is a woman of passion, ambition, creativity, and a catalyst for change.  Lahteefah was born in Newark, NJ. Lahteefah is an entrepreneur, a ‘fixer’, financial advisor, global business strategist, business manager, motivational speaker, and philanthropist.


She received a B.S. in accounting at the University of South Florida and passed the certified public accountant exam in Delaware with reciprocal license to practice in Florida. She worked as a C-suite executive at one Big Four accounting firms and two top Ten accounting firms, and as a Global Senior Director of Finance and Financial Reporting for  an international private company with over $50 billion in revenues. Additionally, she co-founded Plat’num House productions and Dirty Down Records, which successfully executed joint ventures with LaFace, Artemis, and Epic records and was the home of award winning recording artists. During her college tenure, she traveled the nation as a semi-professional West African dance performer, which lead to a role in a Nationally distributed movie directed by John Singleton.  Moreover, she co-founded Artz4Life Academy, a 501c3 designated non-profit organization, who’s mission is to reinforce resilience to life’s challenges by enhancing education, promoting diversity and developing life skills through cultural and performing arts for youth, adults and families. Lahteefah has lectured nationally and has received several prestigious awards and accolades through-out her career. She is most proud and honored to be the mother of Samiyah and Justin.


Her mission is to help women and those that support women, achieve their aspirations with love, respect, honor, and dignity.


She believes in creating an environment for continual growth and sustainable change, through knowledge, guidance, and awareness. She believes that we should live simply, be patient with life, be compassionate to ourselves and others, have a heart with great love, give with great kindness and speak with great integrity.

Justin and Samiyah
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